I am Mommy to 2 beautiful babes… Anthony and Gabriella. They are truly where all of this began. Like all first time moms, I was OBSESSED with capturing every second of Anthony’s baby-ness. I was literally downloading hundreds of pictures every month onto my hard drive. Plus, I was going to the local photo studio every 3 months to have some professional photos taken. I decided that for his 1st birthday, I was going to go to a custom photographer to have some nice family pictures and a cake smash session. Ya know what? That was one of the first times that I was IN FRONT of the lens that entire first year. Unless of course you count those backwards cell phone pics I would take of him sleeping on my chest ;) I looked back and realized that I had no pictures with my baby! Sure, I loved having all of those cute pictures OF him… but I was really wishing that I had pictures WITH him! ​ I’m sure you have felt the same way… and that’s where I’d like to step in! My goal is to get you in front of my lens WITH your babies! I have a passion for capturing the details that you do not want to forget…the way her hair curls, that contagious belly laugh, or that sweet hug he gives you when he’s being shy. I want you to to be able to look back at your images and put yourself back in that exact moment…and feel the love of your family. ​Call me. Text me. Email me. I’d love to come spend an afternoon with you!XOXO Katie